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Meilleur Ami : Akanishi Jin, Ikuta Toma& Shirota Yu Points charmant : laisse les autres décider a sa place Mauvais souvenirs : en changeant d'école en CM1, on l'a confondu avec une fille.

Langues : japonais, il étudie l'anglais Son nom de naissance est Aoki Tomohisa, mais il en changera rapidement après le départ de son père de la maison, récupérant ainsi le nom de sa mère.

On top of that, I liked that she's so prim and proper in variety programs. I really like her acting and she is also really pretty. With Umechan Sensei, I've come to appreciate her even more. Even so, Hana Kimi is an awesome drama for me it's one of the best from Japan. that's all i'll find another series or a movie and comment again because she's an excellent actor. I love her in Kurosagi, Nobuta wo Produce, Densha Otoko, Always: San Chome No Yuhi, Tokyo Daikushu, Teppan Shoujo Akane, Atashinchi no Danshi, and of course, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. hello Maki, I'm Catharina-Renata, I'm your fans in the all your Film, and by the way, I''m from Indonesia country, and I'm born in 23 Augusth1989, I never forget your acting for me. lol and the drama talking about miracle that was connected to the link - is well a drama called Atashinchi no Danshi made in 2009 Wow , Maki Horikita's the most beautiful Japanese actress that I meet now ... Ganbatte , maki-chan :) i'm always supported you ^^ In my opinion, Horikita Maki is the most beautiful Japanese actress.

It just goes to show how she's not cashing in on her status as joyuu. I wish her the best and I hope she improves her acting because they've given her great roles but she just doesn't pull them off. I don't get why some people here keep saying that her acting's so-so, I think she's one of the best actresses. but by the way, May I top known where's your e-mail adreess? I'm always search and watch her dramas and films .. I have seen all of her dramas and I am looking forward to see more in the future. She is unspeakably beautiful and a very cute girl indeed.

25 year old Moriyama Mikuri graduated but had no job offers.