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Sys Aid Patch Management allows IT administrators to: Sys Aid Patch Management supports the Microsoft product family as well as other third-party applications such as: Adobe Flash, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Java, Real Player, Safari, Skype, Mozilla Thunderbird, Yahoo Messenger, Apple i Tunes, 7-Zip, and more.Sys Aid Patch Management offers an audited patching process, through Sys Aid Change Management, to help ensure that all patch-related changes are properly documented, correctly performed, and comply with internal or external regulations.

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In a modern IT environment, there is what feels like a constant need to deploy software patches to your computer estate, where such patches may be necessary for bug fixes, security updates, or simply to add new functionality.

Sys Aid Patch Management harnesses OEM technology to provide a full and seamless patch management solution from within Sys Aid Help Desk and Sys Aid ITSM.

The Sys Aid Server analyzes the results and then reacts according to the behavior you define.

If the OEM agent is unable to communicate with the OEM agent proxy, an automatic failover is executed.

Notice the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable being exported.