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One has been in concept for over ten-years…and the cover photo (in my head) is of a wedding gown with the train showing…and it is full of shadow appliqué flowers flowing down from the dress bustle.

The train is totally designed and about 1/3 of the way appliqued…but has been put away since my grand-daughter was born in 2003…so, perhaps I’ll be motivated to pull that out again in the next few years and complete it.

The concept was mine, titled “Moving from the past to the future”.

The idea was to create a traditional quilt of blocks done in only dark fabrics.

My life is crazy…and my time is certainly not always my own!

Here is a sample of one of the shadow-appliqué floral patterns that will be incorporated into the wedding train. So, let me finish by saying that I love to teach and very "approachable".

I ‘graciously’ let my spouse have it in the divorce…as he loved it! underneath is a hand-quilted king-size that I did a few years later is the one I kept in the divorce.