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Health, temperment and ability to do the job it is bred for; be it herding, hunting, earth dog, protection or any other doggy activity. They wont register a dog until it is a year old, and you must submit health ts before your dog can be registered. However AKC does not recognize them several others clubs/kennels do. Theres one primary man behind Olde English Bulldogges.

Yeah, good point although they keep making noise about doing more, specifically with GSDs and herding breeds. They were developed in the 70s and are still a new breed.

AKC is for American breed dogs, they cant take a claim as fas as standards go for dog that are not breed or delevopled in this country.

However, that is immaterial, as the poster was speaking of the Olde English Bulldogge, supposedly a modern recreation of the way Bulldogs looked in England hundreds of years ago.

would he still continue to hang out with you as friends? We had sex, then we stopped dating due to him being really scattered and stretched thin w/work and a family issue (its real, we have mutual friends and I know some of the details).