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I like the concept because really the profile is normally BS anyway and women are just like men in that we need to have a physical attraction first.

This is scientifically proven, ladies, we’re just as initially superficial. I have taken screenshots of a few examples of what can be only called the Tinder Epidemic of Profile Blunders.

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I didn’t know his parents were divorcing.” Maybe she’ll even tell your ex-wife about it during a PTA meeting? Here’s the only thing that photo tells me: Dad’s an asshole.

If every single photo on your profile is of you doing something adventurous or extreme, I figure that’s all you do.

Seriously, I haven’t seen anyone worthy of the walk from the nail salon to my apartment in flip flops. Now, before you get all judge-y of my judge-iness, I have a disclaimer.

I can’t see the women of Tinder as I was able to on other dating sites.

I have no doubt their profile blunders are equally predictable (and somewhat disturbing). Can’t check out the ladies—unless I want to change my preference to females. This season I’m doing my usual donation to Heifer International and I’m torn between several honey bee donations or just one llama. I’m also gonna throw a little charity out there in the form of free digital dating advice that I hope reaches the masses of guys who need it.