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fame may be in a relationship or at the very least, casually seeing each other (which would be fitting considering the whole “London” thing). If Perry and Cox actually are seeing each other, then they already will have recreated the start of Monica and Chandler’s relationship with their spontaneous London hookup.

There’s no confirmation yet that the two celebs are official (or even remotely seeing or talking to each other) but the very idea of a real life Monica-Chandler partnership is enough to tickle our fancy. All they really have left to do is fake a little bit of laundry time, attempt to seduce Lisa Kudrow, and force Matt Leblanc to keep quiet about their affair before they can top it all off with a candlelit proposal and teary confessions.

Completing the cast, Courteney Cox played Monica, Ross's sister, Jennifer Aniston played Rachel, Monica's roommate and Ross’s love interest, and Lisa Kudrow played Phoebe, the kooky, offbeat friend to all.

The six actors proved to be a tight group both on- and off-screen.

His actor father, John Bennett Perry, split up with his mother, Suzanne, while Matthew was still an infant. Growing up, Perry developed two passions—playing tennis and acting.