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"It would be interesting to see someone living with having committed murder. If Dennis was skulking around with depression, you'd get bloody bored with him."It must also be strange to play a role in which you can't see the finishing post. You go to the story editor every couple of months and she says, 'Next year, Nige, you'll be doing this-and-this...'" It is, naturally, top-secret stuff, but on the day we meet, he has been shooting some "heavy" scenes. It's so hot, that if I'm even pictured with a woman, whether it's my flatmate or my sister, it's a story."I buy Heat magazine on the way home, and sure enough, there is speculation inside about whether Harman is dating a record-company PR.

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Also looking for love is personal trainer Gary O’Grady (27) from Tallaght.

His tempting trio are Niamh (22), a make-up artist from Leixlip, Jennifer Greally (24) is from Tara in Meath and has entered a number of beauty pageants, and Ciara Noone (22) from Blanchardstown is feisty and doesn’t mince her words.

Along with Leslie Grantham, who has returned to the soap after 14 years to play "Dirty" Den Watts, the poker-faced father to Harman's smouldering thug Dennis, he has helped to make East Enders properly exciting again.

Since his arrival, Dennis has been a busy bee, generating quite a buzz, not least for removing his shirt at every opportunity. When I first came here, I did so much screaming and throwing things, I'd get all my angst out and go home without a care."With the improvements in cast and quality, the soap has bubbled over into the cultural consciousness in a way that happens only sporadically - the Deirdre/ Ken/Mike love triangle in Coronation Street, the stiff under the patio in Brookside.

Her voice was so nauseating that they had to redub it."After finishing his GCSEs, he enrolled at drama school, then got a job dancing on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. "For years afterwards, I pretended the job never existed." His big ambition was to appear in a West End musical, but he'd done that by the age of 23, appearing as Cousin Kevin in Tommy throughout 1996. "I wanted to get out of musical theatre because I didn't just want to make people happy.