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However, it doesn't seem like Michel is being a 100% good sport about it.

She took to her Instagram page to proclaim that "no man can retire me." She also said that "Maliah will retire Maliah," presumably trying to reclaim the agency that she feels Drake didn't grant her with the jersey retirement shenanigans.

I mean, obviously he saw something he liked [ Yup, I was so flattered, too —especially with me being used to the strip club environment, where guys are always just… This guy didn’t even say anything but gave me props on a song. Prince’s son, called me and told me that his artist wanted me to come to Jamaica to shoot this video.

At the time I didn’t know it was Drake, so I was like “Oh by the way, can you tell Drake thanks for the shout out?

Spoiler alert, that turned out to be a lot of times.