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If it’s an emergency the Crisis Team will visit someone within four hours, but most are triaged and seen at a later date which can be up to three months later.

Patients are mostly supported by the psychiatrists for long periods of time and eventually discharged back to GP care when they are less unwell.” “It varies for CBT but my patients get assessed within three weeks and treatment starts within 10 weeks.

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The social worker also serves as a resource person for faculty, administration, parents and students; and, coordinates any necessary services between family, school, and outside agencies and organizations. For students, stop by the Guidance Office and simply ask to see the social worker.

The most common mental health conditions are anxiety and depression which can vary greatly in severity, causing anything from mild distress and unhappiness to suicide and disabling anxiety that prevents someone from leaving the house or engaging with work and social activities.

On the up side, the show has some positive messages about shattering stereotypes and reaching out across chasms between cliques.

But the characters' penchant for salty language (including heavy use of "douche" and terms like "hell," "damn," and "bitch," along with a few instances of bleeped curses) makes it an iffy choice for viewers who haven't yet hit high school themselves.

Some surgeries are piloting in-house mental health nurses who look after patients and offer counselling.” “There are lots of charities in the field offering support and treatment as well as local support groups.