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Eder's next album, It's No Secret Anymore, was released in 1999, and again concentrated mostly on Wildhorn material, with selections from the musical work-in-progress Havana (another Eder vehicle) and a lullaby for the couple's newborn child.

Eder's first holiday album, Christmas Stays the Same, appeared in 2000.

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A disciple of Barbra Streisand early on, Eder gradually forged her own vocal style, and branched out from show tunes to include pop standards, light swing, and adult contemporary balladry in her repertoire.

As a stage actress, Eder worked primarily with her husband, composer Frank Wildhorn, who often designed his material specifically for her (and produced her recordings as well).

Backed up by a first class eight piece band led by her long time musical director, Jeremy Roberts, Eder had the audience in her thrall for the evening. In 1987, Eder connected with Frank Wildhorn (now her husband), a song writer who was then involved in the gestation of the musical Jekyll & Hyde.

(She complained of hunger, not of fatigue.) In her Atlantic Records publicity it is reported that at age 16, Eder recalls, her "first professional date was the day President Reagan was shot." AMG says Eder was born in 1961 which would have made her 20, not 16, when John W. Eder won the role of the hooker Lucy and went on the road with the show in one of the longest pre-Broadway tours on the books – some 35 cities.

Wildhorn’s fate as his subsequent shows, The Scarlet Pimpernel and this season’s The Civil War, seem to do good business in spite of the reviews.