Who is garcelle beauvais dating

“What I'm looking forward to is seeing what happens behind the magic.

What we do know is that Rihanna’s fantastic booty is the center of this incredible amateur film.

Lodi Lucci’s motive appears to be revenge, as Jessica Dime is currently dating former NBA player Shawne Williams.

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She even shows us that singing isn’t the only thing she can do with that pretty mouth of her’s…

Supporting fans hope that this scandal won’t interfere with Drake, since the two are allegedly dating again and the man in the video is definitely NOT him.

Well, if you have, you probably have noticed the gorgeous Nikki Mudarris.

She has the curves to match Kim, and the savvy to know how to leverage them – but this latest private video leak Good Lawd…

It sounds like this bombshell accidentally Snapchatted a private photo for Jason Derulo, and quickly deleted it.