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Furthermore, the engine by default disables any rule after it has executed, to avoid repetition. Like an old married couple, the user and the chatbot run out of things to say over time.Reusing a gambit is particularly effective in this light.The overly specific will fail to match when it should. topic: ) ^reuse (AGE) A topic is invoked in gambit mode or responder mode.

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Then it looks at how we construct chatbots and what we have learned.

RESUMEN Durante los últimos tres años, nuestros chatbots han conseguido dos veces el primer puesto y una el segundo en el concurso Premio Loebner, con un personaje distinto cada año (Suzette, Rosette, Angela).

Rejoinders are associated with a specific rule and are matched against user input only when that rule generated the most recent chatbot output.

Responders are matched against user input without restriction.

A continuación, se describe cómo construimos chatbots y lo que hemos aprendido hasta ahora. KEYWORDS: Chat; chatbot; Chat Script; conversation; Loebner; Artificial Intelligence; Natural Language. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial (by-nc) Spain 3.0 License.