Updating windows 95

First, verify no conflicts or other devices are present in the Device Manager.Second, verify that the computer has a sound card and that it is enabled.Windows Setup is an installer that prepares a hard disk drive for a Microsoft Windows operating system installation by executing two processes: a) initializing the drive and b) copying system files to that drive in order for the operating system to be run locally (see Volume).

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Designed to be simpler and faster than previous installation methods, it analyses the system's hardware and software for compatibility with Windows 8, allows the user to purchase, download, and install the operating system, and migrate files and settings from the previous Windows installation in the case of a clean install.

First, check for a small sound icon in the Windows notification area (also known as the Systray), in the bottom right-hand corner of the Windows Desktop. If you open the device that is conflicting and view the properties, additional details about the conflict can be found.

If this is an on-board sound card, you can verify that it is enabled in the CMOS setup.

If you have no adapters or cannot click the down arrow to select the correct adapter, close out of this window.

Additionally, it did not need preinstalled DOS as a requirement.