Updating the content type failed infopath completely dating site web

You should see a page like this: I’ve already filled in my Name “HR Forms”, selected the parent content type, and selected an existing group. You’ll then be returned to the list of content types – look for your newly created content type under the group that you either chose or created. This will bring up the Site Content Type Information page, which contains the settings for your content type.

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Ok, now for some detailed steps: Go to the site in Share Point 2010 where you want to define your Content Type (this will vary based on your requirements).

For my example, I’m creating my Content Type in the root of my site collection, which is at . At the top of the list of content types, click the Create link.

On the Add Content Types page, find the content type you created and Add it by selecting it and moving it to the “Content types to add” box, and then clicking Ok.

When you return to the Form Library Settings page, you should see your Content Type listed in the Content Types section. To do this, you’ll need to open Info Path Designer 2010.

There are a couple of ways to integrate Content Types with Info Path forms libraries.