Updating skills

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Next, lay two sheets of glass mosaic tile on the counter.

Measure to figure out the proper size to cut the mosaic in order to fit between the counter and the cabinet.

Use a towel, rag or scrub brush with a chemical cleaning solution like a glass cleaner or multipurpose cleaner to remove oils, grease and any type of marks that will keep the back of the mosaic from sticking to the surface.

Make sure the wall surface is completely clean and dry.

Tip: For uneven walls, make adjustments to line up the grout joints better using this technique: Use a utility knife to cut the peel and stick backing in between the grout joints of the individual row you wish to adjust. Apply the grout to the mosaic in a diagonal pattern in an upward motion with the float held at a 45-degree angle (Image 2). Next, push grout into the joints in the opposite direction, applying more pressure using a squeegee-like motion (Image 3).