Updating a 1970 s contemporary house

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For the painting itself, I just used some Sherwin Williams Simply White paint (the same color that's on the walls), mixed it with a little gray, and then sketched out a doodle and filled it in with some Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze (the same black paint I used on the front door).

It's probably not gonna end up at a museum, but it took me an hour and only cost me a few bucks, so homemade art for the win.

This is the living room in May of 2010 when we first moved in..to wall carpet, outdated light fixtures, dark wood trim, and windows so old that you could feel the wind in your hair when you stood next to them. There was a wall between the kitchen and dining room that made the room almost too tiny to use.

There was an old glass sliding door that barely opened, dark wood trim and wainscotting, outdated light fixtures, and a tile/carpet combo.

‘As we approached the house, I had already made the decision that we were going to have it,’ explains Liz.