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They were unable to help out the gay folks because they were never set up to do that.

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Why on earth does a buisness have to cater to one oddball group but not another? In the extensive above definition (available in our common denominator of the Internet), the term has various meanings and applications. I would ask just how “intolerant” must one be to fairly be called “a bigot”? - Kishkumen On the one hand we're bigots for discriminating against homosexuals.

Perhaps the key is the degree to which we are “intolerant.” For example, we may suspect that someone is homosexual, but lack any real evidence that we are correct in our suspicion. Are we also bigots for discriminating against adulterers / swingers? I'd guess that makes him both an adulterer and a swinger.

Facilitating swingers or adulterous affairs is simply not in their business plan.

As far as the married guy is concerned, it may be less a case of discrimination, and more a case of a guy going into a car dealership and being upset because they wouldn't sell him a watermelon._________________Mormonism ceased being a compelling topic for me when I finally came to terms with its transformation from a personality cult into a combination of a real estate company, a Super Pac, and Westboro Baptist Church.

I'm talking about whether a buisness should be forced to cater to it.