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Now, as far as providing sexual shenanigans while still offering a virtuous heroine, the greatest bang (ha!) for your buck is Russ Meyer's adaptation of Fanny Hill: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure.

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The Pleasure Seekers, for example, is all about sex, while still protecting the virtue of its supposedly experienced (? Billed as a musical remake of Three Coins in the Fountain, Ann-Margret is the only one of the trio who gets to sing, though one of these times is with the man of her dreams, a poor doctor who's fallen in love with her.

Anyway, it's a bubbly, flighty, sometimes bizarre film -- about thirty minutes in, it's suddenly decided that Pamela Tiffin is playing "the dumb one", for example -- but there's also a surprisingly deft handling of the romance between Carol Lynley and her married boss.

Apparently he caused quite a stir at the Golden Globes last month when he fondled Johansson’s breast. Speaking of the Oscars, I remember being stunned when Oscar winner Adrien Brody bounded up to the stage to get his award and grabbed presenter Halle Berry into a deep, full-body kiss.

Mizrahi had asked the actress what she was wearing underneath her red dress. She obviously made the right career choice to “go with it,” but wouldn’t she or Scarlett have been completely justified if they had slapped the living daylights out of their partners for their non-consensual moves?

But she doesn't plan on avoiding him in the future.