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Survivor jeff dating

His relationship with the series predates his relationship with rock climbing, dating back all the way to the earliest days of the show.

"It was either season one or season two," Cole remembers of the first time he sat down to watch Survivor.

They come to the outdoors for up to 200 days straight sometimes.

They're out there living in the back country, the wild and the dirt, for 200 days, and they learn primitive skills like making fire from scratch using just wood, building shelters, cooking on a fire, and that kind of thing." How did Cole find his way into such a line of work?

"For me, Survivor is not necessarily just about the money. It could buy me so much new climbing gear and a bigger van to live out of," he says. He is so good looking, and he knows that he is good looking and he's trying to play it off like he doesn't know that he's good looking and he's trying to be a Boy Scout. Cole Medders (Wilderness Therapy Guide, Healers Tribe): No. That's the one downside to always being on the move. But I'm going to be in one place on the island for a bit, so who knows ...