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I am fascinated by how mystified we men and women seem to be with each other.

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The book is quite balanced in its approach and unusual in that it looks at the art of persuasion through the lens of psychological field research.

Levine doesn't merely muse about the vagaries of the mind; he gets out there and investigates it.

Have you ever gotten sucked into something that you were also ashamed to read? I was listlessly checking my email when I noticed a text ad that I must have seen more than 10,000 times. The worst mistake a woman can make is not seeking help.

“How to catch and keep a man.” Those ads are as oddly ubiquitous as the text link ads for Acai Berry Wonder Diets, but I always assumed that ads with links like “Why Men Withdraw and What to Do About It” were for women who are more pathetic and malleable than me. Because men are so hard to understand, and Christian Carter has spent years reading every relationship book ever published, and he has thought deeply about the psychology of men and women when they are dating. So sign up and give him your credit card for his e-book at a price of $29.97 and his emails (interviews with relationship and dating experts) at a monthly charge of $19.97.

From television to telemarketing and from self-deception to suicide cults, Levine takes a hard look at all the ways we attempt to persuade each other - and how and why they work (or don't).