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If you tried to enter the card number there from the same computer you signed up for the cam site, then it's more proof you are a thief in the eyes of the law You need to print out copies of all emails you received from these criminals and go to the police station to report this.

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(As I've tried to register it to an e Bay didn't work, the CC probably has instantly ceased access after I tried entering it) Or is this some kind of business promotional act because basically some people like me or who else? And you can basically tell a model/performer to do as your told but without the cost? Link above is an example of other people that have been 'scammed' I'm still puzzled as to why one can be given such free stat?

Now please leave your hasty comments off from here, I know what happened and I'm the one who have dealt with it, not you - so if it's just for the clarification (if maybe you've had this as well) then I'm all well to keep your answer and not be removed at my question ;) but yes if you'll tell me bla bla it's against etc.. Just need clarification Because obviously I've noticed that these kind of 'persons' also have this kind of registry process for free at other sites but I wonder if one has used it to other non cam site as well i.e e Bay etc.. FYI Kittysune you don't even know WHAT happened- YOU ARE NOT the one behind the job I was only asking a question I don't come here to get accusations!

The 'person' (she) gave me a credit card number along with the CCV and expiration date and entered...

Hello so I've got a random chat from a 'person' in yahoo linking me to the amateur webcam performing adult website called Streamate, a very sleek and professional looking site than the others.

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