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That sort of library encourages serious RPG literacy, and that means 3DS players are uniquely positioned to get the most out of a tool that lets you create your own RPGs. The latest in a long line of popular game-making suites — mostly confined to PCs and import Play Stations — RPG Maker Fes was released in Japan last year before being brought Westward by NIS America.

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Either way, map-making is relatively straightforward: you pick graphical elements from a palette, and then ‘paint’ them onto the canvas using the stylus, or buttons if you prefer.

Options like an area fill, move tool, and copy/paste streamline the cartographic creation process a bit, and you can jump in and test play the area at any time to get a feel for how it will work on the ground.

Once we’d made a few maps, we tried our hand at stringing them together, which involved our first foray into the world of RPG Maker’s ‘Events’ system.

These are the visual, relatively intuitive pieces of programming you’ll use to turn your collection of maps, characters, and dialogue into a coherent game.

That means you could create a villager NPC who greets you pleasantly if you’re wearing a certain piece of armour, but coldly if you’re wearing a different one; a town where you can only enter buildings if you’ve read a certain sign; or a barkeep that will serve you for free if you have an attractive party member alongside you.