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Similar to single mothers, single dads prefer a nice restaurant date over a coffee, movie, or dive bar date, according to over 5,000 responses from online daters.

Men without kids are 29% more likely to prefer a movie date than a single dad and 13% more likely to head to a dive bar for a date.

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An American tourist cried hysterically in a North Korean courtroom Wednesday after a judge sentenced him to 15 years in prison with hard labor on a subversion charge, as US officials demanded his release and the White House announced tough new sanctions on the insular Southeast Asian state.'Despite official claims that U. citizens arrested in the DPRK are not used for political purposes, it's increasingly clear from its very public treatment of these cases that the DPRK does exactly that,' Toner told reporters, referring to the North by its official name, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.'The U. and the global community will not tolerate North Korea’s illicit nuclear and ballistic missile activities, and we will continue to impose costs on North Korea until it comes into compliance with its international obligations,' the statement concluded.

The sanctions include mandatory inspections of cargo leaving and entering North Korea by land, sea or air; a ban on all sales or transfers of small arms and light weapons to Pyongyang; and expulsion of diplomats from the North who engage in 'illicit activities.'The president also announced the implementation of an act passed unanimously in the Senate last week that will sanction anyone who contributes to North Korea's proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, arms-related materials, luxury goods, human rights abuses and activities undermining cyber security.

Even so, the State Department has repeatedly warned against travel to the North.

Visitors, especially those from America, who break the country's sometimes murky rules risk detention, arrest and possible jail sentences.

Single dads should steer clear of Maine, Vermont, and South Dakota, where their chances of finding love compared to single men without kids were much slimmer.