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A study by economist Liston-Heyes found that even for the same haircut, women paid more than men.

The average price to clean a men’s shirt was $2.06, while it was $3.95 for a woman’s shirt — and that’s before considering the added cost of shirts made from special fabric like silk or rayon, or with embellishments like sequins or pleats.

“The observed pricing disparity is for identical shirts except that one is labeled a ‘men’s’ shirt while the other is a ‘women’s’ shirt,” the authors write.

Some experts say that such pricing discrepancies are here to stay: “I don’t see this going away anytime soon, because the dialogue in our culture is that men and women are different — we call each other the ‘opposite sex,’” says Nicholas Guittar, an assistant professor of sociology at the University of South Carolina Lancaster, who has studied gendered pricing; thus, he says, pricing differences don’t bother Americans enough for people to rebel against them.

“Gendered pricing disparities will persist despite the presence of increased gender equality in society.” However, there are some retail situations in which women get better prices.

While on the surface, prices for a stick of deodorant for men and women seem the same (roughly $3.15 per stick), men’s deodorant sticks tend to be larger than women’s (2.86 ounces vs. This means that, on average, women pay $1.44 per ounce of deodorant, compared with $1.15 for men — a difference of about 20%.