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Part of what trips guys up when it comes to sex is that they focus too much on… Much of the focus on getting laid is put on the arousal process. The fact that someone’s dying to get off doesn’t mean that they’re going to pounce on the nearest warm body like a starving lioness in the veldt.

Changing social mores mean that sex and dating are less complicated and more accessible than at any point in history.

The advent of the Internet and the subsequent development of smartphones mean that finding people you’re interested in is easier than ever.

Even in real life, we only have to look to pick-up artists and their misogynistically frustrated evolved form, the Red Pill, selling social pressure and psychological trickery as the means to the end.

At the same time, we can go on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook and see women sharing stories about men who used unpleasant or even There’s nothing wrong with wanting sex, with wanting a casual relationship without commitment or wanting to have multiple partners.

The key to getting more sex isn’t about secret techniques or trying to convince, trick or compel women into sleeping with you.

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    They want to know more about you early on and what makes you tick.

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    Co-founder Mark Zuppe said the company encourages providers to charge prices between and 0 for their “core service,” with possible premium services for an additional charge.

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