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You would think you'd be visiting a 200 seater,” she says. Chef Paul Wedgwood hasn’t suffered like Gemma claims she has.“I considered suing, but Trip Advisor has a very tight legislative framework based in Canada. But he opened his Edinburgh restaurant Wedgwood in 2007 when review sites were rising in significance, and says diners have on occasion threatened him with poor ratings.But Gemma*, who wants to remain unidentified, is among restaurateurs who have been stung by ratings sites.

Although both Yelp and Trip Advisor are equipped to investigate abuse, the system is still known to be very fallible." But the tide seems to be turning, argues Wedgwood, as customers recognise that the people leaving scathing one star reviews over minor issues can sometimes be showing themselves up more than the restaurant, and are often drowned out by reliable feedback.

“The positive feedback we received really helped bolster us in the early days, and it was a great platform to get the name out,” he says.

Now, an account of a rogue hair in a bowl of soup or a waiter’s off day is documented online for anyone in the world to see. At the same time, these sites have democratised how restaurants are viewed in a way that can be relatable and refreshing for the average diner.

Sometimes you just want to know that you're not going to be ripped off and that the grub is half decent.

“Professional reviewers tend to do a better job in assessing the quality of such restaurants," he says.