Sex chat example in indonesian

Indeed, husbands and wives would not have sex, threatening their marriage and their reproductive potential, and children would not grow. The husband is thought of as being equipped with desire. If she fails, it will probably be a janda who attracts his desire, thereby threatening the family.The reason is that sex outside marriage is sinful; but sex with a janda is thought of as a kind of loophole, because she is no longer a maiden and doesn't have a husband.

What makes the janda figure even more attractive to men is that she is also very desirous.

It is believed that, just as she was getting used to fulfilling her ample desires, she was left single and yearning. Thus the husband's desire, properly harnessed by the wife, can be creative.

But if she cannot properly control it, he may succumb to a janda, destroying the family and transforming his wife into a janda.

The wife's sexual attractiveness to her husband, therefore, possesses a strong normative element.

It is not the woman's fault that she is divorced or unmarried; it is God's will. Two famous dangdut songs are entitled 'Fate of the janda'.