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“Those are the leading factors in traffic deaths, and decreasing their occurrence makes the roads safer for everyone.” Motorists will see new signs signaling they are entering and leaving a Safety Corridor, as well as signs that alert drivers that there will be zero tolerance for violations in a corridor. “If drivers obey the speed limit and other laws, there will be fewer crashes.” The Safety Corridors will launch in two phases, with each including an urban and rural segment. Work on the second phase is scheduled to begin and be completed in January 2017.

“There will be strict enforcement of driving laws with zero tolerance for violations,” said DPS Lt. Sign installation in the first phase begins today, Monday, Dec. A grant from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety helped support establishing these Safety Corridors.

After that, the partner agencies will review their effectiveness and consider whether to add Safety Corridors.

Just in time for more winter weather this weekend, our Arizona Traveler Information site has expanded your view of highways and conditions with nine new cameras around the state.

Glendale will conduct a three-month study where a camera is present at a "problematic" intersection for the second month but isn't for the first and third months. John told the council the department wouldn't issue tickets to drivers caught on camera during the study phase.