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Modern Romance provides insight into what people do to find love.

He infuses their stories with his sass and parallels their shame with much of his own.

Aside from the jokes, the science of Modern Romance holds water, and is absolutely fascinating.”Contexts“This book is awesome.” : “This book is essentially an Aziz Ansari standup routine in print form. One reason that people love Aziz is his outlook on life.

And as a result, Ansari’s final product doesn’t only feel complete—it’s hilariously executed, even without his unmistakable high-register voice belting the punchlines.

At 250 pages, Modern Romance is a lean, pithy read that’s perfect to reach the tech-obsessed generation it explores.” “With his first foray into the literary sphere, Ansari handedly accomplishes what he set out to do.

Paired with Aziz’s distinct voice, this book is even more endearing.” : “Modern Romance reads like a Cliffs Notes to relationshipping as it is currently experienced by (mostly middle-class, Ansari admits, and mostly straight) Americans.

It’s the familiar stuff of research and sitcomedy, distilled into a funny, and highly readable, summary.” : “You’re not going to find a traditional humor book. Modern Romance is something a bit more unique: a comprehensive, in-depth sociological investigation into the ‘many challenges of looking for love in the digital age.’ Modern Romance gives an impressive overview of how the dating game has changed with the advent of cell phones and the Internet.

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