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provides representation to some of the most outstanding companies in the petroleum business.

The companies we represent are much more than just their products..are our partners.

), get more bang for your buck with a package: purchase a package of 3 for $15 off per massage and a package of 6 for $20 off per massage.

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At this very moment, I am lounging hammock-side in Hawaii at the Hui Ho’olana Yoga Retreat Center under the most beautiful rainbow, relaxing and re-centering after such an amazing year.

(Believe it or not, the photo above is totally, completely, 100%, no-filter-for-realsies.) While this yoga retreat is an opportunity to expand my massage and yoga practice in paradise, it is also an opportunity to step back, appreciate progress, show some gratitude, and begin planning our future together at Rising Spiral.

Some significant news came out earlier this week with ECU.