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(im talking about the reporters) its so pointless and annoying!!!!!!!!!! I think she's just trying to get media attention. as a matter of fact, being in the entertainment circle and the public eye they are expected to have their private lives up on the front page. Maybe they were just really really close but wasn't "official" so you can't exactly call it a breakup. if they were realli dating its the reporters to blame for the breakup i think .. dont think theres even a chance left to be good friends .. even if the reporters idoesnt get tried of writing about, but we get tried & bored of hearing/reading about it... I think what they both should clearly state is that they are not dating and stand firm in it. Wonder why Ella is suddenly willing to admit that they had a relationship in the past? It would be interesting to hear what his side of the story is..

feel bit sorry for her now for having a bad year and had to go through it alone .. And from there on out, there shouldn't be anything that could change that. I don't get why Ella would keep going to Ron's house when she knows reporters are watching her and stuff and she seems like she makes it seem they did dated and to me it's like a waste or breath keep sayin no i'm not dating him or her when you keep doing stuff like that!

I mean, Ella has had enough, with the guy who kissed her and then losing her cellphone.

I think its just to much for her to handle now they're accusing them of dating. Why would her stuff be at Ron's apartment in the first place if they were only "friends"? Ella's been having a lot of pressure lately, after being assulted by that crazy fan.. The reporters should just give them their own privacy and let them deal with their own problems. they would make a very cute couple but if the media keeps invading their privacy then they would never be together.

Asked if she was dating Ron, she denied this, saying: "We have never talked about dating, so how could we call this a split?