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Once the animal is under, the veterinary team inserts a breathing tube to keep the airway open and to deliver an inhaled anesthetic gas, which will keep the pet unconsciousness during the procedure.

The team also monitors the pet's heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen levels and carbon dioxide output, a key indicator of changes in cardiorespiratory function.

There are, however, side effects associated with this marionette-like control of the nervous system.

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“If you are conscious and very dehydrated, you will faint, which brings your head level with your heart,” making it easier for blood to get to the brain, Karas says.

Your kidneys will retain fluid to boost blood volume. It can no longer direct your body to make such accommodations.

If they aren’t sedated properly and get too freaked out, they will hyperventilate and not be able to breathe.” Many other canine breeds have genetic issues or anatomic factors that may require special anesthesia planning, including sight hounds, herding breeds, toy breeds, giant breeds and Doberman pinschers.

General anesthesia involves a combination of drugs.

When people undergo surgery, there’s an anesthesiologist in the OR whose only job is to manage the patient on the table.