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Most of us probably had never heard of this term until Manti Te’o’s experience was splashed all over the news.We’ve also probably wondered how he could possibly have become a victim of such a hoax. It’s important for all of us—tweens, teens and adults alike—to remember that anyone can pretend to be someone they’re not on the internet, be it while in chatrooms, on social networking sites, playing video games or exploring dating sites.

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There are many positives about social networking and using the Internet, but security risks and online safety concerns also come with this new way of socializing.

Many teens seem to be connected to their peers almost 24/7.

Young adults like Manti Teo can avoid this scam by taking a few precautionary steps to verify that the person they are interacting with online is who they say they are instead of an imposter.

Becoming a victim of an online predator is not dissimilar to being the victim of a catfish as online predators also create fake profiles.

Today’s generation of teens socialize with their peers by using social networking sites.

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