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It’s no coincidence the prison term “goof” is their word of choice. He had watched similar videos put up by Canada’s first pedophile hunter, Toronto’s Justin Payne, the first person in Canada to make a name for himself hunting pedophiles. But no charges have been approved in Alberta, where police say they want nothing to do with the Creep Catchers. Dave Dubnyk of Alberta’s Integrated Child Exploitation Unit says the evidence collected in stings by this group is rarely usable in court.

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• W5’s investigation revealed that there is an outstanding warrant in New Brunswick for the arrest of Karl Bennett Young, also known as Carl Young and Carl Murphy.

The warrant is for trafficking in cocaine and ecstasy, obstructing a peace officer and failing to appear in court. clip Id=1060174 (photo of warrant at bottom of story) • W5 also revealed that Carl Young has more than 25 previous convictions including drug trafficking, threats and petty theft.

“We weren’t meeting these guys unless they were saying something really sexual. Behind the chat, there must be proof of intent to kidnap or sexually abuse a child.

We weren’t trying to catch these guys unless they were getting convicted,” he says in another Facebook video to his followers. We’re going to start meeting all these f***ers if they want to kiss or go to a movie or whatever because it’s f***ed up to want to do that with a kid regardless,” he says. Such a wide definition of internet luring would capture innocent interactions, like between a child and a mentor, a parent, a music teacher or a coach, he said.

CTV – W5 photo Reprinted with permission from W5Above, Carl Murphy (whose real name is Carl Young) speaks with a W5 reporter outside of the Red Deer court house Feb.