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My only hint was in the question, "How does this song fit in with our unit on African American history? The first week it was at #2, the #1 record was "Baby Come Back" by Player and for its 2nd & 3rd week, "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees was in the top spot... Newman celebrated his 70th birthday two months ago on November 28th (2013).

"I am under 5 feet tall and was 12 when this song was released. Words can have consequences that might be in stark contrast to the speaker's intentions, yet they are HIS words. When I first heard this song I was slightly outraged. But I realized there was no way that a song telling short people that they have no reason to live would be available on Spotify or popular at all. Just shows you how misinterpreted something like that can be and shows that people will always resort to the literal meaning of things without even giving a nanosecond of thought to the metaphorical explanation.

A." was very popular, especially (go figure) in the L. area, where it is still played after Dodgers home wins. No person of intelligence or sanity would listen to this song and think, "You're right, Mr.

Randy is a member of the 'One Hit Wonder' club;the song peaked at No. Randy Newman, I hate short people too." Give em a break.

No this song wasnt about short minded people,it was about little people.