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Discovering the Real World of Molecular Structure: Interactive Computer Visualization Tools and Learner-centered Activities as part of REACTS/ACS High School Teachers Day "Practical Chemistry for the Classroom" at 230 Molecular Visualization in Chemistry Workshop as part of Summer Workshops for Pre-Service and In-Service Secondary Science and Math Teachers through Maryland Virtual High School at Montgomery Blair High School, Silver Spring, MD in June 2004.

Discovery Learning Tools in Materials Science: Concept Visualization with Dynamic and Interactive Spreadsheets at Materials Education Symposium (PP3.4) of Materials Research Society Fall Meeting in Boston, MA in November/December 2009 with J. [abstract]Developing Computational Reasoning in High School Science and Mathematics at SC09 Education Program in Portland, OR in November 2009 with S. Interactive Excel Spreadsheets: A Computational and Conceptual Learning Tool for Mathematics and Science at Computation and Science for Teachers (CAST) Workshop held at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, in Pittsburgh, PA in June 2006.

Basic understanding of how radiometric dating works is useful.

This lesson is highly simplified, and the powerpoint describes everything the student will need to know for the activity.

They typically respond in one or more of these four ways: A) claim their own analysis of the evidence is better than conventional analysis (you can examine the evidence-and-logic in AGE OF THE EARTH - SCIENCE) so the logic of science should lead to conclusions that the earth is young and so are humans (), and/or they B) challenge the credibility of HISTORICAL SCIENCES; C) acknowledge the weakness in current young-universe science, but hope it will improve in the future; D) claim the universe is young even though it appears to be old when we carefully examine the scientific evidence, because the universe was created in a mature state with a false APPEARANCE OF OLD AGE.