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North Carolina State University has recently conducted research revealing an “oversight in a radioisotope dating technique used to date everything from meteorites to geologic samples,” which means that “scientists have likely overestimated the ages of many samples.” This research was done in the university’s Nuclear Engineering Department by Associate Professor Robert Hayes and a report published in the journal Nuclear Technology.1 To claim a key flaw has been found in the radioisotope dating methodology, which underpins the millions-of-years edifice of all modern secular geology, is quite extraordinary.

Such an extraordinary claim requires extraordinary evidence to back it up, and since this is a complicated subject, it requires some preliminary explanations so that the details of this claim and the evidence for it can be readily understood.

The ejected particles can be measured by suitable detectors such as Geiger counters.

This process of nuclei ejecting particles is known as radioactive decay. Thus Geologists and others have devised ways to use radioactive decay as a method to date rocks and dead organic materials such as bones.

Since all the points on that line are the same zero age, the line is called an isochron (iso “same,” chron “age”), in this case the zero isochron. But as both samples are the same age, they will plot on the same line on the graph (see Figure 2).