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These are: For purposes of radiometric dating it must be assumed that the rate of decay from mother element to daughter element has remained constant throughout the past.Although there is no way to prove whether or not this has been the case, scientists have attempted to alter the rate of decay of radioactive materials and have found that they are almost immune to change.It is also a fact that those who believe the theory of evolution are the same people who believe in an old earth.

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The Manot Cave, a natural limestone formation, had been sealed for some 15,000 years. — Gihon Spring was crucial to the survival of its inhabitants, and archaeologists had uncovered the remains of a massive stone tower built to guard this vital water supply. — In a new paper, the authors explain how harvesting data from tree-rings could revolutionize the study of ancient civilizations such as the Egyptian and Mayan worlds. — Researchers have used radiocarbon measured in deep-sea fossil corals to shed light on carbon dioxide levels during Earth's last deglaciation.

Fossil corals have the unique advantage that they ...

Leaching can also cause uranium to be leached into rocks that have little or no uranium in them. Note: As for the few cases where scientists do know what the "original" condition (or date of eruption) was, they still have not been able to come up with the correct "date" for the age of the rock without all sorts of fancy footwork and massaging of data.

Therefore, in virtually every case, scientists do not know what the original condition of the rock was; and, even if they did know, they don't any more due to heat contamination, mixing, and leaching. That's because radiometric dating (with the exception of Carbon 14) is almost always performed on igneous rocks (i.e. Also because, when different substances are in a liquid state, something known as mixing almost always takes place: meaning that whenever a liquid (or molten) rock is erupted out of the earth, both the mother and daughter elements will be "mixed" together, thus making it virtually impossible to determine the time that an eruption took place.

One of the most popular of these is known as radiometric dating.