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'I chose Las Vegas to Play First, Because it is a place People come to from All Over'. Possibly Elvis was told the story and these years later miss-remembered the story. 'This Price will include a Documentary that will be Filmed during and after the Shows'. In the 1960, inspired by one of his favourite rock and roll stars, Screaming' Yay Hawkins, he changed his name to Screaming Lord Sutch, 3rd Earl of Harrow.

[Elvis was mistaken, he did not meet Cliff, but Cliff did try to meet Elvis, he visited one of Elvis' residences in Germany but unluckily for Cliff, Elvis was not home. 'I've been sent here by 'Lord Sutch Enterprises' "To offer you One Million Pounds Sterling to make Two Apperances at the Wembley Empire Stadium in England',.... Hardin Interview with Sherrill Nielsen Interview with Terry Blackwood & Jim Murray Interview with Tony Brown Duke Bardwell Interview with Scotty Moore Bill Black Interview with D. Fontana Interview with Charlie Hodge Interview with Ernst Jorgensen Elvis Presley & the TCB Band * 'Screaming Lord Sutch' was born, North West London.

His first notable directed television show was a comedy variety show The Brian Conley Show. In 1999, he worked in Animals Do The Funniest Things.

Nigel has also worked as the director of an international reality television franchise and a precursor to the Idol series Popstars in 2000.

' Elvis: 'I ride horse back, swim and talk with the tourists hanging out at the gates'. Q: 'Do your Wife and Daughter, Lisa Marie accompany you?