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Paulina has also been subjected to press criticism throughout the relationship, being called a “distraction” to Johnson’s game.The social-media-savvy model routinely posts pictures of the two romping in an array of hip and exotic places, and just two days after news of her partner’s “personal problems” surfaced, she posted an Instagram photo showing her and her mom in skintight black suits holding up paintball guns.

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They welcomed their first child, son Tatum Gretzky Johnson, on January 19, 2015.

While the two have yet to be married, fatherhood apparently agrees with the world's no. Since Tatum's birth, Johnson has won four times on the PGA Tour, including his first major championship, the 2016 U.

However, Johnson’s antics have also raised questions over the PGA and its transparency policies.

The PGA Tour is not required to disclose violations, disciplinary measures or sanctions against players found to have used recreational drugs, which differs from other major sports organizations like the NBA or NFL.

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