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“I’m at a loss for words,” said Mubili’s cousin Iqbal Geloo.“One thing I can tell you is that this was an exceptional girl full of life…

An experienced skydiver jumped to his death from a plane after telling his wife in a final message that he was not going to pull the cord on his parachute.

Vitantonio Capotorto, 27, recorded a video telling Costansa Litellini he was "going somewhere wonderful" before killing himself by leaping from a height of 13,500ft.

This, combined with the knowledge base of your instructor and the training you receive if you are a First Jump Course student, provides solutions to most problems that are commonly encountered.

“That being said, we acknowledge there is inherent risk in everything we do in this world and that there is no perfect system.

According to her father, Betty Mubili had already packed her belongings and was preparing to move back to Toronto, where the family first settled after moving to Canada from Zambia in the early 2000s.