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Absolutely no one will have an existing opinion or expectation.

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“But you need to introduce them slowly - don't take them to the pub with 20 of your best mates on the fourth date.

I think it's actually really liberating to do it this way because no-one has any preconceived notion of what you're going to be like as a couple.” Like Buchanan, many dating experts recommend introducing new partners to friends in small groups, or on a one-to-one basis.

After all, if you’ve met on the internet – first getting to know one another via messages (although not for longer than the 17 to 23 day online dating 'tipping point') – you’re probably still working it out for yourself.

Plus, your new partner might not be exactly like your existing friends and loved ones. But it can be wise to let them relationship settle-in, before opening them up to an opinion panel.

Your friends might think they know what’s best for you – and what ‘type’ of person you’re best suited to – but their good intentions might be misplaced.