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Islamophobia has spread in recent years partly as a result of the 9-11 terrorist attacks and the subsequent rhetoric and media coverage, but it has also been supported by theories like Samuel Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations.” Huntington’s thesis, which has been adopted by many neo-conservatives, conservative Christian evangelicals, right-wing Israelis, and the Bush administration, is that from now on, war and conflict in the world will happen between the civilizations of East and West—with the U. and the “Judeo-Christian” West on one side (the side of “good”) and the Muslim world as the main actor on the other—the “bad” or even “evil” side.

This thesis fit nicely with the Bush administration-created “War on Terror” after 9-11.

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The militant Jewish terrorist groups Irgun (Etzel), Lehi, and the Stern Gang operated in Palestine during the British Mandate, and before the creation of the state of Israel they planted bombs that targeted Arab civilians and British officials, killing hundreds.

Though there have been a few highly-publicized incidents in recent years, Muslim terrorists are also not the only terrorists who have targeted the U. Right-wing anti-Castro Cuban terrorist groups have planted bombs over a dozen times in the US since the early 1960s, for example. Yes it is true that there are militant Islamic terrorist groups operating throughout the world, and many of these groups have killed civilians in their attacks.

Lizakbar's name is a combination of "lizard" and "Akbar", the Muslim word for great, which is also part of "Allahu Akbar", meaning literally "God is Great" or "God is the Greatest".

The phrase is a historic war cry for Muslims dating back to the Crusades, although in recent years it has been more frequently associated with Islamic Terrorists who may shout the phrase before a suicide bombing.

Though President Obama has sought to take a different, more tolerant, and less belligerent approach, at least in his rhetoric, his administration has not openly questioned the underlying foundational logic behind the “War on Terror,” and the U. is sending even more troops to Afghanistan and expanding drone strikes in Afghanistan and Pakistan.