Muslim speed dating in nyc

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Most of these modern solutions accommodate traditional practices, like the use of a wali.

But Zara Johnson, known as Zara J, founder of the private marriage network Black Muslim Singles Society, said she believed hers was the only one that specifically served African American Muslims."It's just not an industry where we're represented or that we've really even taken the time to enter," she said.

Showing up solo, I initially felt intimidated and out of place.

To calm my nerves, I quickly befriended a couple of girls nervously sipping their grapefruit pink and lime green martinis.

PHILADELPHIA — Naeemah Khabir, a 35-year-old devout Muslim who works for the Department of Veteran Affairs in Philadelphia, has attended matchmaking events from New Brunswick, N. Women in the Philadelphia Muslim community, which is primarily African-American, may also face a double whammy: a dearth of educated men in communities ravaged by unemployment and incarceration, said Aneesah Nadir, whose observation is echoed in research by the Brookings Institution and Yale University.