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If you’re an avid Twitter user already, perhaps using it as a hub wouldn’t be a bad idea.

There are loads of Twitter desktop apps – Joel has covered some of the best here on Make Use Of These 6 free desktop Twitter clients will allow you to interact with all of Twitter’s goodness without having to pop open a new browser tab.

However, since September of 2012, it’s been owned by Hoot Suite.

Another option is once you’re signed into Hoot Suite, go to the Settings drop down menu (shown above), hover over “Tools” and then click “Create application shortcuts”.

Then choose which places you’d like the shortcut to be placed (shown below).

It’s no doubt a superior option for managing your social networks.

There are lots of options available, a few of them being support for multiple Twitter accounts, Facebook (accounts and pages), Linked In, Google pages, Foursquare, Myspace, Word Press and Mixi.

Instead, we resort to using one or two social networks that we like and abandon the rest.