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Then there was this towelling shirt and khaki jeans he had on; the only bare parts of Derek you could see were his forearms and the lower part of his biceps. I can honestly say I was so carried away that if anyone had walked in the door in last half hour I would neither have cared nor noticed. " "Your cock looks like a lovely thick soft hose now." I said "I had better leave you to sleep".

The short sleeves hung loosely showing occasional glimpse of paler skin higher up. " I said to encourage him as he was telling me all about the tough life of being a trawler man. I pulled a quilt over his naked body and by the time I was dressed he was fast asleep.

There are several known abnormalities that can lead to specific sexual ambiguity.

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An evening meal and a drink in a bar is OK but it can be difficult to get to know folks when you are a stranger in a place. I suppose I had noticed that he was a handsome but honestly I was not out looking for a guy! He had turned off the shower now and we were both covered in soap. I felt a sustained pressure on my inner sphincter for some time as he pushed his penis into me. He seemed to open up for me and I found the his sex gland in seconds. He was kissing me all over my buttocks and down my thighs.

That time the only likely place to get something was this small pub in the village. So looking back, I don't know what it was; he was sort of deliberate in the way he went about things but at the same time a little flustered and never quite in control. It was difficult to keep a footing as we struggled together for physical supremacy. I just couldn't prevent him from turning me round and pulling me back against him. My cock was raging to go so when he suddenly took it in his mouth I felt myself loosing control.

And doing market research is not something I ever really wanted to do. but I'm afraid it would have to be something in the sandwich line as I'm here on my own." Being preoccupied with whether I was going to have to go somewhere else I hadn't taken too much notice of him. The more I sucked and licked his rigid fuck pole the more I wanted him inside my ass. I started trying to get behind him but he realised what was happening and seemed to be trying to do the same to me. He pushed his cock against me in a frantic way and I had to direct his knob to my asshole. I felt myself stretching; it was a little painful bit so wonderful!! " I said quietly as I worked my finger around the little pink creases that radiate from his tight pink cherry. By now I had him well lubed so I began to push my finger into his anus.

It was a temporary student job but it meant staying several days in a place and doing these survey forms. But it was only when I got back to the guest house that I found myself missing company. He seemed flustered as first but then smiled as if to put me at ease. We held one another in each others arms for several minutes. But after experiencing his cock even so briefly I knew I could never resist him. There was no stopping him now, even he couldn't control himself any longer. then his thick firm cock suddenly surged into my bottom. "Every time I squeeze your dick it makes you asshole react. " He didn't react but as I said it his anus opened momentarily and I could tell he was ready for the next stage. Very gently I pushed it in a little way further to challenge his inner sphincter.

He had a nice face too but his chest was big and he had this firm well-built look about him. I began to feel him further when suddenly he remembered the bar was still officially open. It was only as we he removed his finger from inside my ass that my orgasm subsided. You must be the sexiest bastard this side of the galaxy!