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Back in Toronto, men and women – again – meet through friends, work or in a bar/club but that's where the similarities mostly end.

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Oddly, there also seems to be a Culture of Seriousness that surrounds a ‘traditional date’ over here.

Although most young people have very few concerns about shagging a near-stranger, a lot of Scottish men break into a cold sweat if you ask them out for a coffee.

They'll be very proud of all the bands from Scotland.

Don't even bother asking if Scottish boys keen on them, because they probably have less of a clue that you.5.

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    In a way, the internet is the unbound and tangled web of our collective human psyche (at times, more id, than ego).

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    Landa Park includes several facilities like a miniature golf course as well as an 18-hole championship course nestled in gorgeous greens and is great fun for children.

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    It's still tied for 5th because it still get's updated super quick, but users are getting weary with the quality of new movies.