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What: You installed Norton/Symantec/Microsoft parental controls on their Laptops.Your teen can’t go to websites that you filter and you get a nice report saying how responsible they truly are, while they Google search for football and how to clean my room better!Well online, we face that every second of everyday.

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They will/can: Dual boot your laptop and install whatever operating system they want.

So when they use the computer they are using their version and do whatever they want. Prevent By: Be vigilant and get access to pc regularly. Add a password to BIOS so you control what happens. If the reports say they were on it for 30 minutes a day, and little Johnny was surfing all weekend, you may have an issue.

First let us preface the following, and state for the record – most kids are great kids and most listen to mom and dad.

They want to please us and don’t intend to get in trouble.

) Are you confident that your teen will never go into chat rooms, attempt to surf pornography, or engage in very inappropriate social media apps that shield them from parents?