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In a letter to the chancellor last week, 44 conservative parliamentarians voiced their opposition to Merkel's course.On Wednesday, Austria announced the introduction of a cap on refugees. As much as the decision to open the borders itself, what amazes many observers is the stubbornness with which Merkel has maintained her political course.The program included works from Chopin, Rachmaninoff and Schumann, but the chancellor didn't just come for the music. The party was ultimately folded into the Christian Democratic Union, of which Merkel is now the head.

Now, the task is that of preventing Europe from falling apart.

Were Germany to now close its borders, it wouldn't just mark a failure for Europe's border-free travel regime known as Schengen.

The alternative is a deal with Turkey, the country through which almost all the refugees have to travel. When speaking with Merkel's people, her refugee policies come across as being entirely rational. One reason that Merkel has been able to stay in the Chancellery for so long is that she has never fought for a larger political project. She liked playing the role of crisis chancellor, similar to Helmut Schmidt before her.

But now, at this late phase of her rule, she suddenly resembles an early Willy Brandt, the visionary.

The Rough Draft of Merkel's Downfall The screenplay for Merkel's downfall hasn't yet been written, but an initial rough draft already exists.