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Then the Saint gave the Christians seven pebbles which they were to throw in the dry source on the eight day. The pagans were thus converted and the source came to be known by the name of Saint Simon.Later a Church, dedicated to the Saint, was built in the neighbourhood and still survives today.

Situated in the very heart of the mountain regions and crowned with the impressive cedars that have constituted the fame and the glory of Lebanon for thousands of years, Becharre and its cluster neighbouring villages are so important that they form a separate administrative distinct.

The origin of the name Becharre seems to go far back as the Phoenicians (beit sharri, meaning, the house of Ashtarout, mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible (1Kings: 11 & 2 Kings: 3).

A delegation was sent consequently to Saint Simon who told them to give up their false beliefs and adhere to Christianity.

Then, turning to the Christians, he asked them to fast for eight days.

Thus, side by side with the Phoenician civilisation, there grew up another civilisation, that of the Crusaders.